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   Casey has always had a love for acting, singing, and performing. As a child, she would sing in the choir at her church and starting acting in local musical theatre productions when she acquired her first-ever role as Brigitta in "The Sound of Music" at age nine. This sparked a career of performing for Casey and a normal day would usually end with a rehearsal of some kind. Throughout the years, Casey has played many parts in musical theatre productions, such as Mary Lennox from "The Secret Garden," Lady Larken from "Once Upon a Mattress," Sarah from "Guys and Dolls," Lili in "Carnival!," and many more. She even played Maria in a production of "The Sound of Music" as a young adult.



    As she entered the workforce, she found herself having less and less time to participate in theatre, but her performing experiences did not end there. While in high school, Casey worked as a character actor for another children's party company, appearing as princesses at children's birthday parties and charity events. As an adult, she worked for a character company in California on weekends while attending college full-time.

    After graduating, her passion for performing took her to Los Angeles, California, where she interned at a production company, and eventually got herself a job as an executive assistant at a talent agency.

    Though she was proud of where her hard work had taken her, it became clear after two years of living in LA that the career path she'd always thought she wanted was not what she hoped it would be. Casey decided to make a big move to Texas, knowing that she wanted to settle somewhere new and different. Since moving, Casey has worked as a nanny and after-school tutor for several families local to her area. Now, after years of dreaming about one day starting a character company of her own, she finally has.

 Thank you for helping make our dreams come true. We make it our business to do the same for you!

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