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My name is Riley! I’ve lived in Denton, Texas for the past 16 years and I am a junior at Braswell High School. I'm so excited about graduating and going to college for Theatre and Film.
I fell in love with acting at a young age and have performed in multiple shows both in school and in community theatre. I enjoy working for Wonderland Celebrations because I love getting to see the joy on children's faces throughout every party!
My favorite Disney Princess is Anna because we share almost the same personality and both love chocolate! I'm so excited to meet you.


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My name is Hannah! I have been performing and involved in love with musical theatre since I was in the first grade and I am a huge Disney fan!
I am in the Bravo Company at Braswell High School, the North Texas Performing Arts, and I also sing in the Braswell High School Chorale Choir.
I work for Wonderland Celebrations because I love Disney and I dream of being a
Disney parks princess one day.
My favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel because I love her personality and her songs.

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My name is Malcolm "MJ." I'm just a nerdy kid from Louisiana who loves cosplaying and superheroes. Growing up I could relate to Peter Parker~Miles Morales/Spider-Man.
They taught me that even though there are negative people in this world, I can remain positive and do good for people even when it seems they don't deserve it.
I love being Spider-Man because it allows me to inspire others the way this character inspired me and I get to spread joy to others.


I've been performing since I was nine years old. From musical theatre to independent performances as a singer, the stage has been my happy place for as long as I can remember. It was back in high school when I first broke into this business as a party princess for a local company. After having worked for another similar company in another city during college and working princess parties individually, I truly felt like this business allowed me to do everything that I absolutely love - sing, act, and make children happy! After moving to Aubrey, TX, I founded Wonderland Celebrations and our story began.
Although I believe that there's a valuable lesson to learn from every Disney princess, my favorite is Rapunzel because of her resilience and free-spirited attitude. 

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